Top free Stock Market books for beginners

Top free Stock Market books for beginners

There are 10 books you will get free to read and learn about Stock Market, from which 3 are easily available for free and we can download it.

Top free Stock Market books for beginners

Here is the list of books

Trading in the Zone written by Mark Douglas

It is a great book in which you will learn about your personality and how you can develop by yourself psychologically. The lessons are

     Consistency > Accuracy

Process > Results

In trading, Consistency is more important than Accuracy and secondly focus on the Process. If you are trading from the VWAP then understand the Process how it works and go with little profits and apply your complete knowledge on it to get the best Result. Work on the process of how you can increase your technical knowledge.

How to Manage Risk?

The best books to manage your risk are- How to Manage Stock loss? How to manage losses in trading?

How to Find Trading Edge: Which fits your Personality 

In this book, you'll understand which Trading Edge fits your Personality and How to find out the reasons for it. This book will help you to improve your Trading Psychology and is the best book to read. If you read this book your psychology will improve and develop and now you should have some set of rules on the basis you can work.

Market Wizards Written by- Jack D Schwager

In this book, there are some set of rules mentioned. Larry Hite says 'I have two basic rules about winning in trading as well as in life

  • If you don't bet, you can't win 
  • If you lose all your chips, you can't bet.

According to him, if you are interested in trading then you must learn and understand it first and bet yourself to win. You have to come forward to the ground to fight and to win if you don't do this you won't be able to win. To win is to fight if you want to win then you have to first come ahead, stand and fight. If you are able to do this, winning will be easy for you. In short, it is necessary to stand and fight and win.

Be Right 20-30% of Trades, not even 50%.

You require only 20 to 30% of accuracy and not 50%. Your Trading Accuracy should be 70% for beginners to be accurate. To play on the main ground for paper trading you will get profit to 40-50 %. This set of rules are very good to follow from this book the other thing is-

Market Behaviour is not Random 

One should not get irritated or frustrated about the market behavior. One should go with the Trend means- Trend is your Friend. If (market sentiment) Trend is going upwards then go for positive buying and if Trend goes downwards then go towards negative selling or short selling. So these are some sets of rules to be followed while trading.

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator Written by- Jesse Livermore

This book was written 100 years before. In this book, there are some important rules explained.

      Never Sell a Stock- If it has gone Overpriced.

If any If the share becomes overpriced it doesn't mean that you sell out. You must have seen Nestle recently. You must have thought that stock went upward to 12,000 so one should sell it. The good quality stock will always rise up and the bad quality stock will go down. So if you find any overpriced stock then don't get Hurry to sell out just keep riding the profit and never sell the stock in Hurry.

He also mentioned in the book that "As long as a stock is acting right and the market is right, do not be in a hurry to make a profit".

If stock and market are in your favour you should not be in a hurry to take profit just keep riding with the wave, don't get in a hurry to book your profit. He also said "There is only one side of the market and it is not the bull side or the bear side, but the right side."

There is no Bull or bear side, there is only the right side which is called Trend. The trend is only the friend. If the bull side trend starts, then start purchasing the stocks and if the bear side trend starts, then start selling out the stocks. In this book, he has elaborated in a simple and easy way.

Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits Written by- Philip A Fisher

He focused on high-quality growth stock. You don't need to see your own pocket for investing. His book explains to us the basic fundamentals, that before investing in any of the company one should know the background of the company, and before investing ask yourself a few questions about the company which tells us about the company's Products, Services, and Sell. If everything is good according to you then hold it and don't sell it immediately.

 One Up On Wall Street Written by- Peter Lynch

In the '90s, he was a great man in the field of the Stock Market where every individual used to follow his writings. He believed that dumb (bewakoof) is the person who predicts the economy. This means one should invest in company value and not in companies daily performance.

Rich Dad and Poor Dad Written by- Robert T Kiyosaki

In this book tips are discussed: How to become rich? From this book will learn the importance of money and earning portfolios.

Dhandho Investor Written by- Mohnish Pabrai

A Gujarati book. During the recession period the mortals were exiting themselves from it, that time the Indian Gujarati's started acquiring the business. People were considering it as a 'black business' but still, Gujarati's were working on it. We learn an important thing from the book "There is no problem permanently, low cost will always give you a good return."

So these are the 7 books to be purchased and read. The writers had put their great efforts to bring it in a form and to maintain it. They deserve their efforts to be paid.

There are also free books available 

The Intelligent Investor has written by- Warren Buffett

This book was written for the investors who are the buyers. Benjamin Graham: He used to manage the big Mutual Funds. He worked for many years and he never saw his Mutual Fund going on the negative side. He was a good manager and investor of Mutual Fund. He also stated some point- "Wall Street people learn nothing and forget everything"

If something happens, good or bad people enjoy it, but they never learn lessons from it and repeat their mistakes. So, never repeat your mistakes and learn from your previous mistakes. " The Intelligent Investor is a realist who sells to Optimist and buys from Pessimists"

An intelligent Investor is not a bull or bear it is a realist who looks the life with an open eye and buys from the pessimist people who think that this stock will not work out, the company has bankrupted. So buy from the pessimist and sell out to the optimist. When you find the optimist in the market is rising or it is going to use more and buy when it is at its lowest to 50% and sell it to the optimist or over-optimistic people so there are more examples in it to understand in a simple and easy way.

Zerodha Varsity

There is free content found in it that has been explained in an easy and clear form. It has 12 modules in it.

Professional trading


Market and Taxation

Personal Finance

Technical Analysing

are all explained in a basic way to learn and understand it.

NCFM Module

There are courses and certifications on Financial Management is available in it. It has created some modules on it which you have to attend to learn. There is data available in PDF format. It has three types of modules-

Foundation module (for beginners) Intermediate module, Advanced module.

Don't waste your lockdown period. Utilize your time in gaining some good knowledge by reading books on Stock Market. Make good use of this opportunity you don't have to pay, to learn this knowledge. It is free of cost and there are options to download the PDF.

 Our research is solely for educational purposes only. and doesn't constitute any Trading or Investment advice.  can't be held liable for any Irregularity or Inaccuracy

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