5 Best Must Buy Shares Before Budget 2021 | Budget 2021 Stocks | Multibagger Stocks 2021

5 Best Must Buy Shares Before Budget 2021 | Budget 2021 Stocks | Multibagger Stocks 2021

Today's article is for budget 2021, and it will be a very special article because when the budget declared few stocks prices start increasing faster. 

5 Best Must Buy Shares Before Budget 2021

Therefore before the budget announced we are going to discuss few stocks in this article that can be increased after budget accountment. So we have to identify/spot some stocks that may give good returns after the budget and this year's budget is also special and large due to high liquidity within the market and Foreign Institutional Investor (FII) investment increased in recent time. For instance, many IPO had launched and it's successfully subscribed. 

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So I just wanted to inform these stocks selected not just for budget 2021 that after budget stocks price will go up this may be speculation and speculation leads loss but also long-run perspective and growth prospective stocks.

We selected four sectors and there may possibility of some positive news come after budget session 2021 in these four sectors.

First, we will discuss the power sector and the power sector going with the transition phase because of pollution problems like coal India is replacing solar and wind and the government is also supporting in the transition process.

Because the government has given the commitment to the world and government taking many initiatives due to this many companies get benefited from the government. 


The company said publicly that 60 percent of energy will come from renewable energy by 2025 and by 2030 100 percent of renewable.

The company will not invest in coal-based energy from 2021.

Tata Power Limited is an Indian electric utility company based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, The core business of the company is to generate, transmit and distribute electricity.

Rising Net Cash Flow and Cash from Operating activity.

FII / FPI or Institutions increasing their shareholding.

Negative to Positive growth in Sales and Profit with Strong Price momentum.

Companies with High Debt is one the weakness.


Promoters: Tata Group companies 46.86%, Foreign Institutional Investors (FII) 12.44%, DDI 24.53, Public 16.18

5 Best Must Buy Shares Before Budget 2021

Electric Vihecal 

Many news on public domain regarding the electrical vehicle and Tesla company is also making an investment in India and investors expecting some big announcement in budget 2021 will come for this sector 

In India, Electric vehicle is at their initial level so good opportunity to take a position in this sector.
Electrical vehicle manufacturing of battery and other parts come from china and as per the current situation, India wants to be self-reliant and increasing local production that helps this sector to grow faster. 

Tata Chemicals Ltd 

Tata chemical is the market leader in their chemical production and planning to make Lithium battery and it allied with tata motors because tata motors make electric vehicle.      

Tata Motors wants to build an ecosystem where product raw material, manufacturing of battery and reused proceed to control all the activity that others manufacturer is not doing.

High Growth Stocks with Promoters increasing shareholding
The company with Low Debt and Company with Zero Promoter Pledge
FII / FPI or Institutions increasing their shareholding

Agriculture Sector

The government may come up with new schemes to increase farmer's profits in the 2021 budget. As farmer protest is going on so government many announce positive statement to solve farmers problems.   

Coromandel International Ltd.

  • Company improving their financial condition quarterly and annually.
  • A company with Low Debt with a strong financial condition. 
  • Increasing profits every quarter for the past 2 quarters and Annual Net Profits also improving for last 2 years.
  • FII / FPI or Institutions increasing their shareholding in the company.
  • Stocks with upcoming results that are seeing positive shifts in share price and give good return in the future.

RCF Ltd.

  • The company is using its capital effectively to generate profit in the last 2 years and also improving  Return on equity (ROE) since last 2 years. 
  • The Company also improve management to generate Profit on Asset (ROA ) for the last 2 years. 
  • The company showed growth in Net Profit with increasing Profit Margin (QoQ),  Growth in Quarterly Net Profit with increasing Profit Margin (YoY), and Annual Net Profits improving for the last 2 years.
  • The company is also generating Net Cash to improving Net Cash Flow for in the last 2 years
  • The Company with Zero Promoter Pledge means the owner has trust in the company and it positive sign for investors to invest in the company.

Animal Husbandry Sector

In India, many farmers depend on animal husbandry for their livelihood. Animal Husbandry Sector supplying milk, meat, eggs, wool, their castings (dung) and hides, animals, mainly bullocks, etc.  Thus, animal husbandry plays an important role in the rural economy. 

The feed is very important in the Animal Husbandry sector so we select a company Godrej Agrovet Ltd that can give positive returns in the future as India is mainly dependent on the agriculture sector and Animal Husbandry Sector is coms under agriculture sector. 
  • The company with Low Debt with Zero Promoter Pledge means a positive sign for an investor to make an investment. 
  • Company increasing profits every quarter for the past 3 quarters and showed positive growth in Net Profit with increasing Profit Margin (QoQ). 
  • The Company also generating Net Cash to improving Net Cash Flow for the last 2 years. 
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