is it possible to Learn English Speaking Skill within 30 days?

I would say YES definitely but you need to practice regularly for at least 30 days, so how to practice daily? 

I will tell you about my journey of learning English, the first thing which is very important that you must have a strong desire to learn the languages and materials/resources which you will get online nowadays like Words list, Verb List, Tenses, Modal Auxiliary, Helping Verbs, Article, Preposition, etc. 

About my journey, I studied from Urdu medium till 10th std. from Maharashtra Board, and I was facing the lots of problem in college Study due to lacking in English especially at the time to giving a presentation or giving answers to the teachers questions and if you are reading this, you may facing same problems at different stages of life

So don't worry after reading this you may have a clear idea of how to learn languages easily, so I am going to tell you how I improved my English Speaking Skills, I followed a few steps to learn English on daily basis.

The first step I started developing reading habits by reading children's academic books 2nd or 3rd standard English books, after a few days I started reading newspapers according to my area of interest like Sports, Economics, Business and share markets, etc. after few weeks I started watching Hollywood movies with subtitle or without subtitles and in colleges days I participated in many inter colleges competition for PowerPoint presentation, speech and state-level competition like CAG (Citizen For Account Governance)  that developed my confidence to speak confident and fluent.

So read daily as much as possible, which will help you to build up your vocabulary. Read as per your field like Fashion, Sports, Business, Entertainment, Technology, etc.

In the second step, I did writing whatever I read from books or newspapers. I write in my diary/ notebooks and try to understand repeated sentences and most likely used in day to day communication and meanings of a few words/verbs. So writing is very important for learning any language so write whatever you read on a daily basis that helps you a much better understanding of English languages and it corrects our pronunciation and spelling mistakes.

In the third step, I followed a listening speech with subtitles which are available on youtube and many other social media sites, English movies, and especially Ted Talks videos that help me a lot to develop good communication skills and it boosts my confidence so remember we learned our mother tongue by listening.

In the fourth step, I did speaking practice daily for at least ten minutes in front of the mirror or recording small video/audio and judging own speaking, I suggest you do this for a week and compare it you will see the improvement and it works 100% for sure. So speak even if it is in broken sentences. 

Speaking will help you to gain confidence and you will slowly notice that you're self-correcting yourself which is the first sign of success.

The most important thing is to observe and interpret body language when someone speaks like I observed when the speaker gives a speech on TEDx. English Speaking Skills can be understood by body language or gesture. As we learn our mother tongue language.

So if you are doing this regularly I can assure you that you will improve your communication skills in no time.

5 Simple Excercise to Improve your Spoken English

#Step 01: Build Vocabulary
Start your day with learning new words at least two to five words in a day and write in your notebook and practice twice using those words in sentences and use it in day to day communication. nowadays there are many apps that are available online so download any app which will give you "word of the day" everyday with meanings. It also gives you an example, how to use the word in a sentence so make sure you understand the words ( noun, adjective, verb, etc.

#Step 02: Self Notes
We all tend to forget what we learned yesterday, so it is very important to make notes of everything that you practice on a daily basis. Self notes can be used in the future for speaking good English. Because of self notes or diaries, you can realize the journey of learning English from zero to being confident in languages. Always learn new sentences and phrases and not just words because learning new words doesn't help you to use it. so make sure to write sentences and practice in day-to-day communication.

#Step 03: TedTalks Video
Listening TedTalks videos with English subtitles helps you to understand the English language, from different success stories in a different accent, Phrases and you will be speak fluently in English. If you don't understand anything about any word, make sure to search for meaning and watch it again. Also, focus on pronunciation and how the use of sentences, by this you will be improving listing skills.

#Step 04:  Talk to Yourself in Front of the Mirror
 One of my favorite step to learn English and good communication skills is speaking in front of a mirror, talking to yourself help you a lot to understand your body gesture and speaking tone. I used to practice daily before going for a lecture or events presentation. You need to train your mind to think in English to speak fluent English. 

#Step 05:  Use it in a day to day communication/ Use what you have Learned
Talk to your friends, family member, or someone who speaks fluent English. Keep your speech slow to avoid mistakes, think before you start speaking and most important speak calmly and don't be afraid. 

Be open to being corrected by someone to learn from your mistakes and Repeat all the steps on a daily basis

Above all exercises will make sure that you enjoy that process and your core skills Reading, Writing, Speaking, and listening becomes strong each day.   

I hope this helps you to build your good communication language if yes add your feedback in a comment below or email us

Author: Imaduddin Khan

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